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    The Nourishing Home

    Food.  Good Food.  Good food well prepared.  Chocolate!

    And Becoming a Hunter/Gatherer


    Glorious, Simply Glorious

    GB and I sat on the back steps last night watching another gorgeous sunset until the bright then darkened colors sank below the horizon.  There were plenty of clouds to catch the fading rays of pink, salmon, red-orange, and bright yellow.  The lighted undersides of baby cumulus painted pretty pictures as they drifted eastward.  Shades of blue, tones of white, and steel gray washed strands of clouds which offset those vibrant colors – the scene prompted continuous, deep sighs of joy.

    Yesterday was windy around here but it settled as the evening wore on.  A chronic middle-ear infection, along with a super-sensitive eardrum, prompts me to keep my ears covered, well, always.  The warm, afternoon sun was wonderful while we worked outside but the headband stayed on.  As we wheeled barrow loads of cement blocks to their various new homes, I was reminded of previous articles (both published and in the wings) on spring winds.  Enjoy this previous posting from a couple of years ago - it’s always good for another read (or two):  Where are we, Chicago?

    Happy Spring!


    Begin, Began, Begun

    Verb conjugations aside, is this the year you begin eatin’ weeds?

    Spring is coming, grass is greening, trees are budding, and I see food everywhere!  These springings and greenings put me in mind of a previous article on foraging and I’d like to share that with you again.  Yes, you will find it as you meander through this site; but, one click, and there you are.

    It’s raining this morning, a steady streaming that looks wonderful through my freshly cleaned sunroom windows (I love sparkling glass!).  There is a moderate breeze and the sound of our wind chimes makes me happy.  Northwest Arkansas needs the water, so, cold or not, the rain is welcome.

    I also see, scattered across the lawn, among the many shades of brown, crinkly leaves, tufts of green.  Wild onions and garlic, Grape Hyacinth shoots, tiny mousy-eared chickweed, and the slim leaves of Star of Bethlehem.  This rain will spur them on to great heights and wonderful color.  If you never have before, please stop to notice the precious, tiny, white flowers that will adorn chickweed this spring.  Such a small thing to bring such joy!

    Enjoy the article and happy wild foods: Check Your Yard


    Grape Hyacinth


    Great Literature

    National Book Appreciation Week, or Good Books Week, or Take Time to Read Week, or some such, I missed.  It was a couple of weeks ago.  I think.  Several of my family members made a posting on Facebook, and that, of course, sent my wheels spinning about an article for this website.

    I’m just now setting a few thoughts down, because I just now finished reading the Harry Potter series for the first time.  Reading is a passion and an escape.  A love that blossomed in elementary school and fed by good teachers and trips to the Tulsa library.  When J.K. Rowling’s first book came out, I stood with the opposition.  Our sons were not going to read about real people, living in real time, who were wizards and witches.  Hobbits, elves, Star Trek aliens, Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, fairy tales, and the Wicked Witch of the West were all just fine.  Even Merlin the Magician and Gandalf the Grey were heroes in our household.  Fantasy, science fiction, classic fiction, mythology - all good stuff.

    Being home educators, a home library was established early on and we now even house books from our sons’ personal libraries (those they can’t squeeze into small living spaces).  Along with a bookcase or two.  So, exposing them to literature, of all varieties, was an integral part of their education.  But not Harry Potter.  They have, of course, read the series since leaving home and watched most, if not all, the movies.  Our daughter-in-law is a true fan.  As are all the nieces and nephews.  They even say from time to time, “Aunt Teresa, you really haven’t read the Harry Potter books?”

    After the last film came out this summer, I decided to give them a go.  I borrowed the first two books from a niece, took them on our wonderful 30th Anniversary Trip, and read the first one aloud while we traveled.  Well, what can I say?  (Harry Potter fans will be laughing about now.)  I loved it, we loved it.  GB as much as I.  I read until I was hoarse and developed a sore throat.  And then read some more.  I came home and promptly borrowed the rest (from another niece).  The last four books in the series were picked up last Wednesday evening and I finished Book 7 yesterday.  I cried, I laughed out loud, and I had to snap the book shut occasionally to keep my heart from racing away.  Wow!  What a great story.  Quotable and memorable. 

    So, sonshines, we give you our permission to read and enjoy the books.  Up next, watching all the movies one right after the other.  I believe my parents have them all…